Rolfing® and Pravilo

The traditional Slavic training method PRAVILO with the gravity simulator supports the strengthening and at the same time the mobility of the body. Especially in connection with Rolfing® it is a great addition to enhance body awareness, elasticity and flexibility while at the same time building up stabilisation and strength.

Rolfing® and Yoga

At the beginning of the last century Dr. Ida Rolf has developed the method Rolfing® out of her experience with yoga. It was also
jokingly called "instant yoga" or "drive in yoga".
In my opinion yoga still is a wonderful addition to the structural body work that takes place in Rolfing®.

It's not just about physical mobility, but mobility in a broader sense: the interaction of rest and dynamics, space and direction, time and presence.
The practice of yoga with a holistic approach under the point of view of Rolfing® is gaining a new quality and depth. Body, mind and soul can be experienced with new aspects and new insights can arise.

Deepen your yoga practice and experience how you can get access to areas that were not or hardly available before. Rediscover the ease and power of your body from the depth within your being.

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