Gerald Kaufmann - Rolfing®
Advanced Rolfer® in Munich
Rolf Movement® Practitioner
Telefon:+49 171 38 67 594

In 1993 I came into contact with yoga for the first time. Since then it has accompanied (or followed) me in my therapeutic work, because I was always able to perceive a change in the psychological area through a change in my posture. In the same way, we can also work on our posture on our inner posture.

Parallel to my work as a coach and in my practice as a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy, I came into contact with various body therapies after a serious accident and the years-long and sometimes arduous recovery. Rolfing® touched me the deepest and the effect was extensive and lasting. Regardless of the diagnosis “in a few years you will be in a wheelchair”, my healing process was supported so well that I was able to perform postures in my yoga practice that I had no longer dared to dream of.

My work grew out of my personal experience. I look forward to learning more with every new client every day.

Bone and Scar work of Sharon Wheeler
(special treatment of bones and scar tissue)

In addition to my work, I use the gravitation simulator that is also used at Pravilo.

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